Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Secret

"You wanna know a see that window by the see how the lower blinds are open just a little....well that's because he watches me and jerks his little cock when I'm out here in my bikini...."

"How do I know.....well this is the other part of the secret.....I can see right into that room from my bedroom window!!!!"

"And for the rest of the secret.....I get off watching him putting on panties and bras and garters and stockings almost every night!!!!"

"And the best thing about the secret.....we both use the exact same vibrator!!!!"


  1. Linda,deliciosa,muito gostosa gata,que tesão,beijos....

  2. I love that they body use the same vibrator! She should pop over and say hello. :)

  3. One of the oddest things was a guy moved in next door to our family. I caught him upstairs in window a couple times, in lingerie sucking a dildo while looking at his PC at desk by window. One problem though was son's room overlooked I had to leave a note on his car discretely that I could see him. ~sara