Thursday, January 26, 2017

Do You Remember

Do you remember the first time you did this?
The first time you knelt down in front of a man?
The first time your hands reached for his belt....the first time you realized what was about to happen!!!!!
In a moment you were going to suck a mans cock.....
He was going to be in your mouth...
You were going to taste him!!!!
You were about to become a was such a term of derision among your friends.....
What would they say if they could see you now?
On your knees....your hands opening his pants......your wife watching you intently!!!
Nervous as a teenage virgin you just have to follow your desire.....she wants want this......your hands may be shaking but your mouth is watering ....


  1. I remember one of the first times I sucked my wife's lovers cock. I was on my knees sucking while they were kissing then he exploded in my mouth and my wife told me I better not let one drop spill onto the floor.

  2. I still remember my first time. So young, didn't know what to do. And I did like what happened, just not the way it happened. It was a surprise for me at the time.