Monday, January 2, 2017


I have received many compliments over the years regarding my silly little blog.....mostly filthy e-mails and dirty panties.....
So it came as a great surprise when I was notified about winning the most coveted Sissy Blog award in the world....the veritable Nobel Prize for sissies!!!!
I was honored when the Icelandic Erotica Society awarded me the Golden Butt Plug for excellence in Sissy Blogging!!!!
I don't know what to say....except....I'm pretty sure it will never fit!!!!


  1. Congratulations! What an honor! You do deserve it!!! Your blog is so sexy and so girly and filled with sissy delights!!!! It is truly wonderful, as far as the award is concerned I'd at least have to sit on top of it!!! (bring on the lube!!!)

    1. Thanks and welcome Honey....make sure you check my other blog too....the oh so cleverly named Such A Sissy'll find the link over there on the left side of the page!!!!
      Thanks too for the comments on the earlier posts....I really liked them too!!!!

  2. That's the world's biggest butt-plug! Congrats, Kaaren! :)