Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Best

He looked across the room and saw his neighbor in a pretty green dress...and chastity....he had no idea till this moment that his neighbor...his friend...was a sissy....a sissy in chastity....just like he was...
Their wives had obviously been comparing notes and they had decided that they would be the best sissy friends ever....
Thank god for the chastity, he thought, at least they couldn't humiliate them by making them play with each other....that would be too much....
His wife broke into his reverie....
"Alright sissies.....let's see you two kiss....and I want to see some real passionate kissing....and a little grinding on each other too.....we want to make sure your mouths are soft and wet when the rest of the guys get here....."
He had thought his humiliation was complete....he hadn't realized that it was just starting!!!


  1. omg, this is so hot! ~sara

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  3. How convenient that they're neighbors. The wives can make their sissies scamper from one house to the other, in those sweet outfits, after dark.