Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I Told You

"You see I told you you would make a pretty girl...."
"Well I guess...."
"In my lingerie and with that makeup there's not a man in town who wouldn't want to fuck you!!!"
"I don't think I'd....."
"I know Sissy....you don't start off your life as a girl that way....you'll have to suck a few cocks first!!!! You'll do that for me....won't you? I'd so love to see you with a big throbbing cock in your pretty mouth!"
"If that's what you want...."
"It is....but do you want it too?"
"Oh god yes.....for so long I've dreamed of it....yes I want it......please, yes, I want it...."
"I know Sissy....soon baby....now get down on your knees and make me cum and then we can practice with my dildo!!!"
"Thank you...thank you!!!!"


  1. Once you get the sissy to admit to himself what he really wants, all that hesitation and denial just goes away.