Monday, February 8, 2016

Sissy School - Sighs

The headmaster sighed as he pulled down Sissy Kaaren's panties again!!!! How many times had he spanked this cute little ass....had to be hundreds!!!! And still she wouldn't behave....he wondered if somehow Sissy Kaaren enjoyed this!!!!!
Sissy Kaaren sighed as she settled over his lap! How many times had he spanked her....not nearly enough as far as she was concerned! She enjoyed the feel of his tweed trousers against her thighs...the feel of his hand as it settled on her bottom between spanks...the tingles that lasted long after the spanking was over!!!!
"Well Kaaren," said the Headmaster, "Here we are again!"
"I' promise that I'll never do it again Sir!!!"
"I'm sure Kaaren....we'll skip the lecture and get right to it then!"
"You know what's best for me Sir!!!!"

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