Friday, February 19, 2016

In All Her Glory

She strode into the bedroom where her lover waited on her bed! She stood before him and let him see what he was going to have!
His eyes scanned over her beautiful face....her eyes smoldering with desire for him....down to her lips, parted and wet...her red lipstick highlighting them beautifully....down to the neck he would kiss to drive her mad....down to her perfect breasts, her nipples already standing at rigid attention....down that soft belly that he so looked forward to feeling against his own as they ground against each other....down to where her sex was perfectly framed by her garters...her legs spread already, he could see the moisture glistening betraying her excitement!!!!
Then down a little further to make eye contact with me as I knelt behind her waiting to see her make me a cuckold again!!! His smirk only made the humiliation complete!!!! God how I loved it!!!

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