Friday, August 29, 2014

Open Wide

That's a good boy, now open wide...your whole world is about to change!!!


  1. Kaaren,

    I have had the pleasure a few times to be with 2 TS ladies at the same time. My favorite part of those threesomes is what you've pictured here. I can remember kneeling at the foot of a bed with one lady standing next to me and one sitting on the bed.

    The lovely lady sitting on the bed feed me her partners cock just like in your photo. My head was spinning, my cock was throbbing, and I swear I almost came, when she stuffed that cock in my mouth.

    Another fun thing that happened that afternoon, which also was fun; I had both of their cocks in my mouth at the same time. I LOVE being with two ladies at once. I just want to be their love slave.

    This is why I enjoy chatting with you and Leeanne! I know if we ever had the chance to get together, I could make the two of you happy. I WOULDN'T be happy until the two of you were totally and completely satisfied.


  2. Ahh yes. Truly the beginning to being a real sissy. A beautiful cock ans soon