Saturday, August 16, 2014

Have A Drink

Have a drink, take the one on the left, I made that one special just for you!"
"Thanks Becky!"
"I told you I prefer to be called Rebecca, please don't call me Becky again!"
"C'mon Becky lighten up after all we're going to be neighbors!"
"It seems like it at least for a little while!"
"Hey I feel funny what was......"

"Ohhh....hey...what's  going on? I feel so funny..."
Oh I see you're've been asleep for several months my friend...things have changed for you?"
"What are you talking about? Who are you? What's going on?"
"Sorry...time for you to go back to sleep for a while...I don't know how you pissed her didn't call her Becky did you?"
"Becky, what has Becky got to do......"

"What am I bid for this delicious virgin Sissy, she is the latest masterpiece from our friends Rebecca and Dr. Orloff! but don't take my word! Sissy what is the purpose of your life?"
"I live to provide pleasure to my master or mistress, My body is theirs to do what they will!"
"And what is your name Sissy?"
"My name is Becky!"
"Let's start the bidding at twenty five thousand...."


  1. Interesting thoughts swirling around in your little sissy head today sweet Kaaren...very interesting indeed.

    1. Taken against your will and turned into a sissy sex's not like I think about this all the time...surely it couldn't be more than twenty....twenty-five times a know in between all my other "interesting thoughts"!!!
      You can just imagine the interesting thoughts I'm having about you right now!!!

      Sweet kisses

  2. Love the retro art Kaaren