Saturday, August 16, 2014

Can You?

Oh Sissy, he was wonderful! Just wait until you taste him!!!

Ohhh slowly Sissy I'm a little sore...he was so big!!!!

Ohhh yes that';s it Sissy Oh you're so good!!!

Can you taste him Sissy? Can you taste that big black cock?

I told him about you Sissy! I told him all about you!

I told him you'd be licking up his cum!!!

He said he wished he could see you do it!!!

I told him that next time he could come here and fuck me!!!

Then you can taste him all you want! Make me cum now Sissy I'm so close.....


  1. Yes - if you love your Mistress you will as well. Enjoy.....

  2. oh, this Lesbian-Play looks so nice!

  3. i wish 1. my wife was shaved as smooth as that. 2. i wish she would sit on my face like that too. so beautiful and loving.