Sunday, June 7, 2020

Sunday Brunch

"Just look at how he follows her around....."
"Just like a little puppy...."
"I wonder how she does did she make him so obedient?"
"I think it might have something to do with him being dressed as a Maid...."
"You really think so? My Fred wears my things all the time.....he thinks I don't know....maybe I know.....catch him sometime....."
"Oh yes you should.....then dressing him up would be fun for you instead of fun for him...."
"What about your husband? Does he get into your things too?"
"Not anymore.....I bought Barney his own bras and panties....."
"She keeps him in chastity you think we should do that with our husbands too?"
"It seems like a good idea....let's give it a try....we'll order a couple of matching cages and we'll lock them up together....we'll make a party of it...."
"That sounds delightful.....I can't wait to have a Brunch at my house with my husband serving as the Sissy maid!!!!"
"Me too Betty!!!"


  1. Chastity and feminization are the bedrock of many successful relationships!

    1. I was feminized long before I was put into chastity....and the combination of the two has made us both very happy!!!