Sunday, February 12, 2017

I Know

"I know you've been wearing my panties so don't try to deny it....."
"No honey I...."
"Don't lie to me!!!! You've been lying to me for too long already!!!!"
"But I...."
"I know you wear them but what i don't understand is why you only wear the dirty ones....I have a drawerful of panties but you only take them after I wear them.....why is that?"
"'s hard to say!"
"Try harder!!!"
"It's the scent.....I love the scent of you!!!"
"That's flattering...and kind of it's just the scent of my pussy that does it for you?"
"And the..."
"What? I didn't hear you?"
"And the taste...I love the taste of you too!!!!"
"And that's're not gay or anything?"
"No Sweetheart I love only you!!!"
"Well then I have some thinking to just keep these in your mouth until I decide what I'm going to do!!!"
"Thank you Sweetheart!!!!"

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