Sunday, December 18, 2016

Not Every Time

"Hi Baby let me buy you a drink....has anyone ever told you that you're really cute.....blushing like that just makes you cuter honey......let me get you another does a pretty boy like you have a poor baby....why don't you come home with me and I can be your girlfriend.....and you can lick my pussy till I cum all over your pretty face....I'd really like that....I have a very cute pair of panties I'd like you to wear for me......and I have a big strap-on cock I'd like to fuck you with all night long baby.....what do you say....."
This approach didn't always work for her....she had to admit that sometimes the poor dears needed to be led more slowly and indirectly into being her sissy sluts.....but she had to admit that getting 8 out of 10 wasn't bad!!!!

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