Thursday, October 2, 2014

Are You Sure?

"Are you sure sweetheart?"
"Yes Kaaren! I've got this one!"
" know I don't mind helping out!!!"
"I've got it Kaaren."
"I mean if there's any little thing I can do to help..."
"Kaaren I don't need any help...I've got this one!"
"Maybe I should just kind of stand by in case..."
"Sissy! Go to your room! Take down your panties and when I get there I expect to find your head down and you soon-to-be red ass up!"
"Yes Ma'am, I can lube everything up if he's coming with you?
"Go Sissy right now! "
Sometimes you win sometimes you lose! But if losing equals a spanking then it's actually a win-win situation!!!!

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