Friday, August 4, 2017

Penetration - Sissy Training

It's one thing when you take your Sissy's pussy with your strap-on, it's something else entirely when you have a man break him in!!!!
It's so very important that you be there to calm the Sissy as a real man takes him the rest of the way...
You should keep telling him that he's a Sissy Bitch as the stud drives the message home...


  1. I remember well the first time my wife's boy friend took me. My wife was right there in front of me holding my hands when he stuck it in. She told me to relax and take it. After a few minutes I was relaxed and he just pounded me and I like it. My wife also love seeing me taking by a real cock.

  2. Once the husband is able to take it without getting too upset, the next step is for the wife to slide in with her pussy in front of his face. Then he can make two people happy at the same time.